Base Configuration

At first, you need to create at least one location, for example, a country, which will correspond to the main domain or directory of your site by following these steps:


Then go to the options section.

Default location


This is the location that will open when you open the base domain / directory of your site, in the case when SEO optimization is used, or when the user first visits when SEO optimization is disabled.

In the Default location type box, select the type of location you just created.
In the default location box, select the location you just created.

SEO mode


At the moment, the plugin supports 3 modes of operation:

1. SEO optimization disabled - all pages of your site will open on the same domain. Search robots will not be able to distinguish a page intended for one location from another.

2. Subdomain mode - each location on your site will have its own subdomain, for example, for the newly created location, the usa subdomain will correspond, which means that when you go to the address for example, the search robot will see a page intended for USA. Please note that if you want to use a secure connection on your site (https), you need to purchase and configure a wildcard SSL certificate.

3. Subdirectory mode - each location on your site will have its own subdirectory, for example, for the USA, as in the example, the subdirectory will correspond.

Choice of country and province / state


These options are responsible for the ability of the user to select the location of the country or state / region.

Ask mode


This option is responsible for the way the widget interacts with the user.

Show dialog with list of locations - when choosing this option, after loading the page, the user will immediately see a list of locations available for selection

Just show tooltip - when choosing this option, after loading the page, the user will see a hint with the ability to select a location

Don't ask, force redirect to detected location - if this option is selected, after loading the page, the user will be immediately redirected to the previously selected location or the default location will be selected

Auto redirect


If this option is enabled, each time the user visits the site, the user will be redirected to the previously selected location. The redirect is used by means of JavaScript, in this case it does not affect what the search robots will see when loading the site. Please note that this option does not work when SEO is disabled.

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